DSPS Education Efficiencies

The Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) regulates and licenses more than 208 different types of credentials, including real estate licensees. As the fourth largest license holder at DSPS, the WRA and its members are highly invested in making sure the DSPS is responsive, timely and efficient. 

To provide more efficiencies for real estate licensees at the DSPS, the WRA supported a pilot program for REALTORS® continuing education (CE) included the 2023-2025 Wisconsin State Budget that allows an education provider to certify the real estate licensee completed CE through the provider. 

This private sector solution allows a pre-qualified education provider to confirm the individual has completed the required CE at renewal. 

The pilot program reduces the allocation of DSPS resources by permitting qualified education providers to certify licensees who complete courses have satisfied the state CE requirements.